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  Before You Begin

So... you've got the Email Answer at your fingertips.

You know that the key to unlocking so many opportunities lies within your reach...

But how the HECK do you make time for this?!

I know I know! It's one thing to balance work and life, but where does learning fit in?

The point of this program isn't to add even more to your workload: it's to ultimately, save you time.

It takes time to sit down and craft a good email.

It takes time to research the names and emails of those gate-keepers.

The step-by-step guides in this program are to speed this whole process up.

But just reading them or watching the classes is going to be a 100% waste of time...


That's why the first thing I want you to do is to create some time blocks that you protect with your LIFE.

We all work at different speeds, but I recommend the following:

  • 1 hour per week to go through one module, taking notes if needed
  • 15-30 minutes a day to do the tasks from that module (5-7 days)
  • Allow a buffer of 10-20 mins a week for shooting me any questions or asking for feedback
  • Repeat for each module

One last tip! I find, if I don't put something in my calendar (or on Trello) I simply won't do the thing.

If you're anything like me: make a specific calendar for this program, or add it as a project on whatever time-management tool you use.

Sound good?

Let's do this thing!